Sweet As A NUT!
I am 16 years old and I fucked a 30 year old man is this bad


age doesn’t matter. if it was good, it’s good. if it was bad, it’s bad. 

ps. i’ve seen some comments on this post about him being a pedophile. i don’t think you are a pedophile when you make out with a sixteen years old. most of them (including me when i was 16) have the body of a woman. pedophiles like children or toddlers - people, that don’t look like grown women/men. THAT’S bad, THAT’S rape. of course those people should be arrested, if they do something to children. not a guy who likes young women. 

here i germany you can sleep with everyone you want at the age of 14. it’s legal. i don’t know what it is like in other countries. i had sex at the age of 14 with an older guy and i would never say it was forced or anything. as long as you WANT it, everybody should be allowed to make his/her own decisions about his/her body and sexuality.



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